Through continuous process improvement, Cromofix is a Trade Mark brand on its Clients' products. In order to achieve and keep higher production capacity, we have been working a lot. What, in our point of view, from Cromofix, it is a continuous challenge and motivation.

Knowing our history

Cromofix Cromo Duro Ltda was founded on April, 2nd in 1982, its starting up purpose has still been alive to apply hard chrome onto moulds for plastic parts, stamping and wiredraw tools and dies. As years have been passing, it has increased its facilities and market share, working for hydraulic, agriculture, mechanic, food, leather, automotive, textile, printing, chemistry, glass, oil and gas Sectors.

Keeping an entrepreneur vision, regarding the health of workers and environment, meeting the quality and answering to customer' technical requirements, the company has conquered higher market share and keeps growing. Nowadays, there are two Plant Units in Caxias do Sul.

Cromofix visits and exchanges process technology with European companies. Through our customers, Cromofix's services are present in the National and International markets.

Distinguished Skills of Cromofix

  • In order to take advantage of hard chrome properties, it is needful to count on with an experienced expert that knows and controls the particularities of electrochemical processes.
  • Cromofix is more than 28 years old experienced in plating hard chrome on a plenty of applications, such as plastic injection moulds, dies, SMC moulds, wiredrawing tools, rubber and friction purposes moulds, progressive cavity pump rotors, technical parts, hydraulic telescopic cylinders stages, hydraulic cylinder rods and spools for hydraulic valves.
  • It was the first Brazilian company to offer Hard Chrome application outsourced to receive the ISO9000 Quality Certificate, in June 2000. ISO 9001 CERTIFICATE.
  • It keeps close relation with European Research Centers of development, processes and equipment.
  • It uses catalyzed baths with German technology able to offer micro cracked, bright, hard and bonding layers.
  • It has an automatic production line, which guarantees computer control of parameters of process, assuring the results repetition.
  • It is the only service company able to guarantee the hardness of chrome through bath cooling system by titanium plates heat exchangers and PTFE Pumps with hydrodynamic sealing.
  • It invests on qualification of its workers.
  • It checks process parameters through chemical analysis within its own Laboratory.
  • We are a Qualified Supplier of ONIP and Petrobras (Brazilian National Oil Company).
  • Associates at ABTS (Brazilian Association for Surface Treatments).


Answer, with quality and quickness to the different needs of Surface Treatment.


We want Cromofix strong, succeeded, competitive, focused to conquering the customer�s fidelity, continuous working to achieve the Excellence.

We work to be a fast, flexible, organized and profitable company.

Being recognized nationally as a good service and quality company.

Being a company composed of enthusiastic, skilled, motivated and committed collaborators.


Discipline and Exactitude at our services: Care to deadlines is full committed by Cromofix.

Excellence as of services provided: It is our commitment to assure the Excellency of services working fast, agile and dynamic, obeying the Ethic and Trust principles.

Respect to the customers: The objective of our organization is, before anything, satisfying the customers, which are the reason of our existence. Although, customer is our target, our worker is an instrument to reach the target. We work a lot to have our employees satisfied and committed with the organization.

Cromofix Cromo Duro Ltda.

We usually visit companies at our sector in Europe and participate of International Congress, such as the International Colloquim on Hard and Decorative Chrome in France.

We have international relations, trough which we have been in touch continuously exchanging process information and technology.


Unit 1

Rua Evaristo de Antoni, 1458

Unit 2

Rua Evaristo de Antoni, 1053

Bairro S�o Jos�
Caxias do Sul - RS - 95041-000

Fone (54) 2101.9898 - Fax (54) 2101.9899

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Cromofix Cromo Duro Ltda.
Plant 1: Rua Evaristo de Antoni, 1458 - Caxias do Sul - RS | Plant 2: Rua Evaristo de Antoni, 1053 - Caxias do Sul - RS - Brazil - Phone: +55 54 2101.9898 Fax: 55 54 2101.9898